Bar project 2015

It moves on!!



WerkStadt, Berlin, 14.3.15


The end of my journey with the projections of bars takes place in the bar and exhibition rooms of the WerkStadt in Berlin Neukölln. Since beginning of february there has been a group show called "7Sachen" by students of the Wolff atelier at HfBK-Dresden.

From 14.3. till 21.3. Hanne Lange and Florian Schmidt will also show their works there.

WerkStadt, Emser Straße 124, 12051 Berlin

  • Eingang der "WerkStadt
  • Telefon und Leuchttafel aus Wien als Projektion
  • Stillleben aus Lissabon in Berlin
  • Projektionen und Ausstellungsraum mit Arbeit von Florian Schmidt
  • Fotocollage von Nuno Marcelino als Projektion in Berlin
  • Bartresen der "WerkStadt" mit Projektionen
  • Lampe und Poster aus dem Café Stadtbahn
  • Blick in die Bar

Holy Holster, Paris, 7.3.15


"Back" at Paris the projections of collected bars will be shown on saturday 7th of march in the "Holy Holster". This is the bar which was opened by two great guys in the place of the former Houla Oups. I´m looking foreward to this!

Holy Holster, 4 rue Basfroi, 75011 Paris

  • "Holy Holster" Le Bar
  • "Holy Holster" mit Projektionen
  • Tür vom "Café Stadtbahn" im "Holy Holster"
  • Tresen mit Projektionen
  • Kakteen von Jenny Hoffmann als Projektion
  • Vitrine vom "Café Stadtbahn" in Paris
  • Kuchenvitrine aus der Bar in Lissabon im "Holy Holster"
  • Tür vom "Café Stadtbahn" im "Holy Holster"
  • Poster aus Wien und Ostrava als Projektion in Paris

Marcelino Pão & Vinho, Lisboa, 28.2.15


On saturday night I will be guest with my projections in Nunos little Bar "Marcelino Pão & Vinho" in Rua do Salvador nº62, Alfama, Lisboa

  • Marcelino Pão & Vinho
  • Café Stadtbahn at Lisboa
  • Café Stadtbahn at Lisboa
  • Café Stadtbahn at Lisboa
  • street view of the bar
  • window of Marcelinos wine bar
  • the shop nextdoor and Café Stadtbahn
  • photography works of Nuno Marcelino with projections
  • Café Stadtbahn at Lisboa
  • Plan B at Lisboa
  • Sidedoor at Lisboa

Little Soba, Saint-Étienne, 17.-18.2.15


Images from five Bars mixed up in the lounge of "Little Soba" at Saint-Étienne.
Little Soba, 4 Rue des Martyrs de Vingré, 42000 Saint-Étienne, France

  • "Little Soba"
  • Lounge Saint-Étienne, Wien, Paris
  • shelf of "Plan B" as projection
  • wall collage with four bars
  • Bar with projected drawing of Andrey Klassen
  • wall collage with four bars
  • Bar
  • "Houla Oups" now at Saint-Étienne
  • Andrey Klassens "Café S" as projection

Café Stadtbahn, Vienna, 9.-10.2.15


From 9.-10. Februar 2015 you can see my installation in Café Stadtbahn at Vienna!
Café Stadtbahn, Gersthoferstrasse 47, 1180 Wien, Austria

  • Home of Café Stadtbahn
  • projector broken?
  • saloon
  • door of Café Stadtbahn
  • reading of Stefanie Sargnagel
  • lightbox of Sidedoor in Stadtbahn
  • pictures from Paris and Dresden at Vienna
  • monsters of Mika Pusse at Vienna
  • end of the night
  • window view from 4 bars as collage of light
  • poster from Ostrava as projection in Café Stadtbahn
  • Stadtbahn with guests
  • projectors at Stadtbahn

Plan B, Ostrava, 3.2.-4.2.15


At tuesday "Plan B" in Ostrava. The train trip to Czech Republic worked out fine so far except from the awareness to have to much luggage.
The bar I found here is the:

Plan B, Českobratrská 1, 702 00 Ostrava, CZ

  • Ostrava station
  • Ostrava main station
  • projected painting of Anne Brandt at Ostrava
  • luggage at Ostrava
  • projected windows, Dresden, Paris, Dresden, Ostrava
  • bar at "Plan B" Ostrava
  • concert in "Plan B"
  • the "Plan B" at Ostrava
  • Paris monster at Ostrava
  • entry of "Plan B"
  • installation detail

Sidedoor, Dresden 26.1.-29.1.15


Visit the bar and the first installation at the “Sidedoor”!

Sidedoor, Böhmische Straße 38, 01099 Dresden
January 26th to 29th, 2015

  • "Sidedoor" Dresden with projections
  • collage at "Sidedoor"
  • projected painting of Matthias Marx and Lars Frohberg
  • painting of Matthias Materne as projection
  • painting of Winnie Seifert as projection
  • projected painting of Nicolas Dupont
  • projector in the bottles
  • mirrors
  • mirrors at the bar
  • "Sidedoor" with street view to Paris
  • projections in "Sidedoor"
  • monsters at Dresden now
  • poster from "Houla Oups" at "Sidedoor"
  • with customers


of the tour...

Sticker bar project 2015

The bar project "Houla Oups" from 2012 will be continued on January 26th until end of March.

It is an experimental journey, a touring and growing light installation, an exhibition in various bars and pubs in different European cities. Travelling with digital projectors and the photos of the “Houla Oups” in Paris and my own bar from October 2012 I’m visiting artists, friends, their favorite bars and barkeepers.

On the tour images from bars I have already visited will be blended into existing nightbars. That way the collection of photos is growing, a repertoire of images and stories to combine different bars and locations, mix them up, complement or reconstruct them.
Photos of the whole interior, rooms and details will be shown in other places for a short time. This can be the nice collection of bottles from one bar, the weird poster from another, the wall paintings from here, the tagged toilet door from there, the arrangement of selected artworks or a still life on a shelf that will start to move to different cities.

The tour starts in “Sidedoor” a bar at Dresden, Neustadt. Further it takes place in Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and France before returning back to Germany.

Bar Project
Bar Project 2015