1984 born at Münster (Westfalen), grown up at Brilon                                 

lives and works mostly at Dresden


2017               Degree of postgraduate studies/ masterclass with Prof. Carl Emanuel Wolff

July 2014      Degree in Fine Arts, HfBK Dresden

2009-2014   studying in the class of Prof. Carl Emanuel Wolff, HfBK Dresden

2011-2012     student of Anne Rochette and Tadashi Kawamata, École Nationale Supérieure des                                                Beaux-Arts de Paris, ENSBA

2008-2009   student of Steffi Stangl and Marcus Jansen, HfBK Dresden

2004-2008   apprenticeship as cabinet maker/ carpenter, working and travelling in France and Germany

2003-2004   voluntary service in the artisanry academy for restoration Raesfeld



Exhibitions, Projects, Awards



Group exhibition, masterclass of Prof. C. E. Wolff, UG, Museum Folkwang, Essen


"Schools of Art Vol. VI", group show, exhibition with alumni from Dresden and Ostrava art school, Oktogon, Dresden

"PaderKultour 2018", Installation und Performance, Paderborn


"Die Unfertigen", exhibition with Baltic Raw Org, Katharina Kretzschmar, Roswitha Maul and Marten Schech, Kleiner Saal, Zentralwerk, Dresden

"Meister17", Masterclass exhibition of HfBK Dresden, Motorenhalle

"art-figura 2017", art award exhibition by the city of Schwarzenberg

"SideHouse", performance and installation, "Mojo Agency", STAMP Festival, Hamburg

Workshop, Arts´R´Public, Genova, Italy

"Blick hinter die Kulissen", participation at the art award exhibition of Max Ernst-Stipendium by the citiy of Brühl 2017

"Lichtung #1", group show, gallery Alte Werkstatt, Brilon


Arts`R`Public, Euro-Mediterranean Laboratory for Arts in Public Spaces, by Eurocircle, interdisciplinary art project at Marseille, Alès, Hamburg, Marrakesh and Genua, Performance, Installation and Workshops


"Rallye Dresden-Ostrava und zurück", (Emil and Jossel), group show at Mine Michal, Dul Michal, Ostrava, CZ

"Something yellow", Meisterschülerausstellung, master student exhibition Senatssaal HfBK-Dresden

Artist assistance of Diego Bianchi during a workshop at HfBK-Dresden, supported by Liebelt-Stiftung

"Bestiaire Movent", art event of Susa Luis, Performance Ézéchiel Mèhomez and Katharina Kretzschmar

"Station MD_S", exhibition in the Gallery MD_S during the project Kunstzug/art train between Dresden and Breslau/Wroclaw, Poland

"Mojo Collection", drawing and performance, by Katharina Kretzschmar and Susa Luis in the train between Dresden and Breslau/Wroclaw, Poland

"Le Cratère Surface", Performance and installation with the Arts`R`Public project, Marseille and Alès, France

"Brücke im Dschungel", group show, Galerie der HBKsaar, Saarbrücken


"Sculpture", group exhibition, Ale School of Visual Arts and Design, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Workshop by Benjamin Stölzel and Katharina Kretzschmar with students from the sculpture department at Ale School of Visual Arts and Design, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, Invitation by Goethe Institute

"HILL TOPPER SX", group show, Earth Gallery, Dresden

"Präpositionen", exhibition of the Hegenbarth-Prize with Clemens Tremmel, Städtische Galerie, Dresden

"Just dropped in", group show, Paris - Bagnolet

Project funding of Freundeskreis der HfBK Dresden for the exhibition "Just dropped in" at Paris

"7Sachen" group show of students from Wolff-Klasse, WerkStadt, Berlin

"Barprojekt" touring light installation in Dresden, Ostrava, Vienna, Saint-Étienne, Lisboa, Paris and Berlin, supported by VICE Media Berlin

"Studioausstellung" exhibition of Klasse Wolff, HfBK Dresden


Art award and scholarship Hegenbarth Preis/ Deutschlandstipendium


Diploma exhibition, HfBK Dresden, Alte Bibliothek

Group show “Laktosetoleranz”, Alte Molkerei at Radebeul


Jahresausstellung/ exhibition at HfBK Dresden


Room installation and bar project „Houla Oups“ in the studios and gallery rooms of Stauffenbergallee 11, Dresden

Artschool scholarship of „Deutsch-Französischen Jugendwerks“ (DFJW) for the studies at Paris

Jahresausstellung/ exhibition at HfBK Dresden

Performance with Sarah Leimcke, exhibition "Zukunftsvisionen", Görlitz

Performance with Sarah Leimcke, "Seherinnen", Klingenberg

Performance "Latia Phob Inkognito" with Sarah Leimcke, Schaubudensommer, Dresden

Performance and roominstallation with Sarah Leimcke at Alten Fortschrittswerk, Dittersbach


„Collective“ group show of Atelier Rochette, Galérie Gauche, ENSBA Paris, France

„Exchanges“ exhibition of Atelier Kawamata Galérie Droite, ENSBA Paris, France

Jahresausstellung/ exhibition at HfBK Dresden

Performance with Sarah Leimcke at the Comic- and Performancefestival „Crack! Fumetti dirompenti“ Rom, Italy

Performance with Sarah Leimcke „Latia Phob Inkognito“ music- and Performancefestival „La ferme électrique“ Tournan en Brie, France

„10+10“ group show at gallery F14, Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Dresden

Performance and Installation „Bananentattoos“, group show of the atelier Wolff, HfBK Dresden

Symposium and exhibition with czech and german artstudents at Hradec nad Moravicí, Czech Republic


Intermediate diploma exhibition at HfBK Dresden 

Artist book "Rohmaterial" 1, with original artpieces of students and professors of the HfBK Dresden


Jahresausstellung/ exhibition at HfBK Dresden, class of Stangl and Jansen

„Papierhaus“ group show at Alten Fortschrittswerk, Dittersbach

Bar Project 2015
Bar Project 2015